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Dolly Kelepecz
Pilates for Golf Certification 
Mat and Equipment Training

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Goal: The student will be able to

  1. demonstrate exercise that create flexibility for the golfers.

  2. demonstrate exercise that create strength for the golfers.

  3. demonstrate the knowledge of injury prevention of golf.

  4. demonstrate the technique of the golf swing.

Assignments: To receive a certificate, the student need to finish

  1. take a written test on basic anatomy and golf injury prevention.

  2. create Pilates exercise program for golf.

  • Anatomy training

  • Mat training including TheraBand, small and large ball and classical Pilates.

  • Equipment exercise training including trapeze, reformer and chair.

  • DK Body Balancing Pilates Golf Manual (PDF File)

  • Other Items that need to be ready

    • Small ball 

    • TheraBand 

    • Large ball

    • Golf club

​*It doesn’t have to be Pilates teacher

Teacher: Dolly Kelepecz

Price: $399

Dolly Kelepecz
Pilates Reformer Exercise Basic Movement
Beginner to Advanced