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Pilates Reformer Exercises: Beginner to Advanced

Progression of Pilates technique from a foundational level through to advanced exercises


Join Dolly Kelepecz as she dives into the details of each Pilates exercise on the Reformer. You will gain a deep understanding of the foundations of Pilates such as breathing, accessing your core, and how to feel proper spinal alignment - and learn to apply these foundational principles to your Pilates workout. Whether you are new to Pilates or a Pilates professional, applying these concepts will help you to get more out of each Pilates session. Dolly will explain how to transition the exercises from a beginner level to advanced for each section of the body, and also why we consider a specific exercise “beginner” “intermediate” or “advanced”.

Dolly Kelepecz is the founder of DK Body Balancing and has certified instructors all over the world in her unique Pilates technique. She emphasizes a whole body approach utilizing stretching, continuous motion, muscle control, strength and a focus on the breath driving each movement. In addition to her Pilates studios and certification program, Dolly has helped bring Pilates to hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and chiropractic clinics. She has also developed programs for the Houston Ballet, Nevada Ballet Theater, Wynn Resorts and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

As a Pilates student, this course will help you to advance your knowledge of the exercises and how to get the most out of your time on the Reformer. As a Pilates instructor, this course will help you understand how to explain the mechanics of the exercises to your students, and how to transition your students from one level to the next. This course truly has something for everyone interested in Reformer Pilates!

-Teacher: Dolly Kelepecz

-Price: $50

-Video Duration: 1h9m56s

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