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​DK Body Balancing Pilates Golf Method

National & International Pilates Golf Training Program

 The Pilates Golf Method is designed to improve the golfer's game and maintain overall fitness of the golfer.
It designed for Pilates instructors, golf professionals and those looking to continue their education in the fitness aspect of golf. 
Although the Professional Golfer may have a higher fitness level than the recreational golfer; flexibility and strength are essential for both. The Pilates Golf Method strengthens the core, back and knees and also increases flexibility; all of which are key to maintaining proper form through golf swings and preventing injury.
A focus on core strength and sequencing are an essential part of this program, because they create the power to execute the golf swing correctly.
The Pilates Golf Method's objective is for postural alignment and sequencing to become instinctual for the golfer.

D.K. Body Balancing Pilates Golf Method is an educational training in the Pilates Golf Training and Exercise Program.

The Pilates Golf Training Program is an in-depth program designed for Pilates instructors and golf professionals.


The program includes: Anatomy / Kinesiology focus, prevention of golf related Injuries, as well as golf specific Pilates mat exercises and golf specific Pilates equipment exercises.​


Training is available in studio or Online. 

Golf Pilates On Demand

Goal: The student will be able to

  1. demonstrate exercise that create flexibility for the golfers.

  2. demonstrate exercise that create strength for the golfers.

  3. demonstrate the knowledge of injury prevention of golf.

  4. demonstrate the technique of the golf swing.

Assignments: To receive a certificate, the student need to finish

  1. take a written test on basic anatomy and golf injury prevention.

  2. create Pilates exercise program for golf.

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Anatomy and


Short Quiz 



Teacher: Dolly Kelepecz

Fee: $399

Cost Includes:

  • Anatomy training

  • Mat training including TheraBand, small and large ball and classical Pilates.

  • Equipment exercise training including trapeze, reformer and chair.

  • 1 BOOK: DK Body Balancing Pilates Golf Manual (PDF File)

  • Other Items that need to be ready

    • Small ball 

    • TheraBand 

    • Large ball

    • Golf club


*It doesn’t have to be Pilates teacher.

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