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Founder of D.K. Balancing Method®

DK Body Balancing Methods Senior Master Trainer

DK Pilates Academy Online Educator

Dolly Kelepecz has been a professional dancer for over thirty years.

She is currently full- time faculty member with the U.N.L.V. Dance Department where she teaches both Ballet and Pilates.

The U.N.L.V. Dance Department has included The DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates as part of the curriculum required for dance majors. Dolly has created a Certificate program and a Minor in Pilates for UNLV.  ...more


DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

DK Pilates Academy Online Educator

Canadian born Tamara Vanvranken performed with the State Theater Muenster in Germany, Santa Barbara Ballet Theater and Nevada Dance Theater, dancing lead roles in classical and contemporary works. She has taught ballet at UNLV, Nevada Dance Theater and Backstage Dance Studio where she is currently teaching pointe class after a 13 year hiatus.Tamara was certified in the DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates in June of 2001 and in June of 2013 earned her Master Trainer certificate. 


DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)

DK Pilates Academy Online Educator

Shauna Grasso grew up dancing. She has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Integrative Physiology, which has helped her to understand how the body works, and is a valuable tool when teaching Pilates in conjunction with Physical Therapy rehabilitation. Shauna’s Pilates journey began when she was working as a Physical Therapy Tech for S.P.O.R.T.S Therapy (now Fyzical Therapy). She obtained her mat and reformer certification in 2014 and began teaching soon after. Shauna passed the National Pilates Certification Program exam in 2019, becoming a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)  through the Pilates Method Alliance.


Director of Pilates by Dolly @The Rock Center for Dance

DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

CEO of DK Body International Inc.

Kae was born & raised in Tokyo, Japan. She was certified by Dolly Kelepecz in 2010. She became the agent of Dolly Kelepecz and promoting DK Methods in Japan and Asia. She has been traveling to Japan for Pilates certification & workshops with Dolly as an agent. In 2020, She founded the DK Pilates Academy and manage the teacher training and continue education for US and Asia. 
She instructs at the Pilates by Dolly studio at the Rock, Kae also works on the Stretch program based on DK Method, which is offered at the Pilates by Dolly at the Rock Studio. 


DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

DK Pilates Academy Administrator

She’s been assisting and running the DK Pilates certification programs since 2012.Sayaka was trained in both Japan and the United States. She is also a NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist.