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Pilates Level 3 Mat & Equipment Training Program

DK Pilates Academy
Level 3 Mat & Equipment Private Training


The DK Body Balancing Level III training is an extension of the levels 1 & 2 mat and equipment training programs and includes a continuity between the first two training certification programs. Level III is an advanced level of theory and technique with an emphasis on Pilates Postural Analysis Rehabilitation techniques. Students will work with Atomokin Skeletons for Muscle Building; reviewing origin, insertion and action of all the major muscles involved in Pilates. These muscles will be the muscles included in correcting postural dysfunction and also learn applicable exercises for the dysfunctions. 

Cost Includes:
Level 3 classical mat training using Theraband, small ball and large ball. 

Level 3 equipment training with Trapeze Table, Reformer, Chair and Ladder Barrel.


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