Pilates Mat & Equipment Certification Program

The mat and equipment training program is an all inclusive course that focuses on the history of the Pilates theory and technique through mat work and exercise on the various pieces of Pilates equipment, including the Trapeze Table, Chair and Reformer.
Students will begin by learning mat work based on Joseph Pilates original series plus an evolution of Pilates mat work utilizing various props, such as the small ball, FitBall, Theraband and magic circle.
Students will then progress to the studio course portion, training in Pilates exercise with the Pilates Equipment.

This training program is available in studio or at a location of your choice and is available in the scheduled group settings or private sessions. 


GROUP TRAINING for Certification :




PRIVATE TRAINING for Certification:




Cost Includes:
Training in anatomy and injury prevention.

Level 1 & 2 mat work including Theraband, small and large ball and classical Pilates.

Equipment Training in Trapeze Table, Reformer and Chair.
5 DK Body Pilates DVDs featuring instruction by Dolly Kelepecz
2 Books:
     DK Body Balancing Pilates Method Manual 
     Concise Book of Muscles


Required Observation Hours for Completion: 200 Hours*

*Observation hours must be completed by, and no later than, one year from the training date. All hours completed after one year are subject to additional fees.



To receive more information on the program, to discuss payment plan options, and location options or to set up private training contact dkmethodcert@gmail.com 

You may aslo reserve your space for $250 (this charge is non-refundable and you have one year from making your reservation to redeem).


Registration is NOW OPEN!!

2020 Fall Group
Equipment Training

​@Las Vegas


2020 Spring Group Training

​@Las Vegas


Mat Training

May 11th-16th 2020

Equipment Training

May 18th-29th, 2020

Mat & Equipment Training

May 11th-29th, 2020


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