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Ballet Pilates Training
Ballet Pilates | DK Pilates Academy | Dolly Kelepecz
The Ballet Pilates Training Program is designed to improve the dancer's technique and body awarness. Participants will learn a variety of techniques and exercises designed to improve the various techniques used in ballet and dance.


The course is designed in a two-day program which can be taken together or by individually selected days. Each day includes five hours of training in the following areas:


Day 1: Theory and Application

During this day, participants will learn dance and Pilates theory and

Pilates application techniques specifics for dancers including shapping

the foot, holding turnout, strengthening back core and perfecting turns. 



Day 2: Physical Application

This day includes physical application of Pilates theories to dance movements to further strengthen technique. In addition to theory application additional training in cold and warm streatches will also be addressed.



Although the name targets dancers and ballet enthusiasts, many others can benefit from this training program as the muscle toning, range of motion, back core and coordination it helps develop, as well as the variety, can add even more benefits to traditional workouts. 

Cost Includes:​​​

  • Pilates theory training

  • Ballet and dance theory training

  • Ballet Pilates Training handouts and video


To receive more information on the program or to discuss location options and to schedule private training programs contact


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Ballet Pilates Training

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