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Although Pilates is typically known for its fitness benefits in recreational use, it's an ideal cross conditioning program for dancers looking to improve strength, balance, control, flexibility and breathing.
When practiced correctly, Pilates develops long, strong muscles without the bulk, the perfect muscle strength and build needed for professional dancing.
Pilates is also a great way for dancers and students to develop and increase their focus. The slow, controlled breathing practices of Pilates focuses awareness to the body’s core and the emphasis on isolating muscle groups.
Pilates for dance provides Pilates-based exercises and routines to enable the dancer to improve their technique. It aims at strengthening and lengthening the ballet muscles, increasing flexibility, coordination, balance and control.
Jump higher, turn better, move faster, improve balance, access full turnout and learn to use the upper back core – take control of your fitness performance and dancing technique.
D.K. Body Balancing Pilates Dance Programs offer in-depth educational training through the Ballet Pilates Training Program. The Ballet Pilates Training takes place in two 1-day in-depth programs which can be taken together or individually. Designed for Pilates instructors, professional dancers, dance students and those looking to continue their education in the fitness aspect of dance and ballet. Our training program includes a focus on dance theory and Kinesology, dance related injury prevention, and dance specific exercises and routines to help build and fine-tune techniques.​ 
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