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Dolly Kelepecz has been a professional dancer for over thirty years.

She danced with Los Angeles Ballet, Nevada Dance Theatre, Zurich Opera Ballet, Houston Ballet, Circus Knie and was a Principal artist at the famed Lido Show at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas.

Dolly was also a founding member and Artistic Director of the dance company Opus Dance Ensemble.

She is currently full- time faculty member with the U.N.L.V. Dance Department where she teaches both Ballet and Pilates. The U.N.L.V. Dance Department has included The DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates as part of the curriculum required for dance majors. Dolly has created a Certificate program and a Minor in Pilates for UNLV.  UNLV is one of the first State University’s to embrace an accredited Pilates Program.

Dolly received her Pilates certification in 1987 from Eve Gentry and Elizabeth Larkin. After returning from San Francisco, Dolly Kelepecz introduced Pilates to Las Vegas and opened Las Vegas’s first Pilates studio.

In 1997, she trademarked her own method of training called the D.K. Body Balancing Method. 

Dolly is providing international online education and training programs through DK Pilates Academy.

Dolly has published Pilates books in Japanese and Korean and also has her own line of DVD's.

She hosted her own television show,  that aired 5 days a week, called Healthy Lifestyles Las Vegas.

 Dolly has traveled throughout the world certifying others in the D.K. Body Balancing Method. Her instructors are successfully working in studios located in Australia, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Israel, and Spain and throughout the entire United States.


Now 33 years later, she has expanded her business to Japan, Korea, and Mexico and throughout the U.S. and Internationally. She has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, dancers as well as personal clients.

Dolly Kelepecz Japan Tour

Dolly Kelepecz Japan Workshop Tour

Her education also includes Physical Therapy Assistance, Massage Therapy, and Alexander & Feldenkrais techniques. Dolly was certified in the GYROTONIC® Method in 2000 and uses that as well as the Art Forms System in her education programs.


In addition to her Pilates By Dolly studios, Dolly has established working studios for many facilities, including hospitals, physical therapy clinics and chiropractic offices. She has also developed programs for the Houston Ballet, Nevada Ballet Theater, Wynn Resorts and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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