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Instructor Bridge Program


The DK Body Balancing Bridge Program is designed to review and recognize existing training of students who wish to further their education and knowledge. Each student that applies and is accepted into our bridge program will be evaluated and offered a course of study.

All applications are reviewed and approved by Dolly Kelepecz. The cost is determined through review of the applicants training and experience. Upon approval applicants will receive 25%-50% off program cost. Program cost is available by clicking the links below. Deductions are non negotiable and determined by Dolly Kelepecz.

All applicants must provide a copy of level I & II program completion Certificates or documents. Applicants may either email a copy.

Application Fee $20


The training courses included in the DK Body Balancing Bridge Program include the following. Click on any of the following training courses to learn more about each individual course that is offered.


      Level I & II Mat Work Training

      Level III Mat Work Training

EQUIPMENT TRAINING (Reformer, Trapeze Table and Chair)

    Level I & II Equipment Training
    Level III Equipment Training​


Level III Anatomy

    Postural Analysis and Muscle Building

For additional information

DK Pilates Academy



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