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Wellness Program

Wellness in the Workplace

Bring Pilates to your worksite, and give your employees the break they deserve! Held on location and/or in Pilates By Dolly studios, this Pilates class instruction enables participants to return to work with a calm, focused energy, improved physical fitness, mental clarity and stress reduction. All classes consist of breathing exercises, warm-up stretches, flowing sequences, and exercises that build strength and stamina.

Pilates By Dolly works with companies of all sizes to create wellness programs for work/life balance initiatives.


Let our dedicated staff of certified corporate instructors create a wellness program specific to your company. Whether you want Pilates By Dolly to teach on sight  Pilates mat or Yoga, Gyrokenises, or Boot camp , or you want your employees to take classes at Pilates By Dolly studios (Pilates equipment classes included), we offer many options for health and wellness activity.  If you are planning a special event, Pilates by Dolly can also put together a special exercise and fitness program to suit your needs. Our Corporate Wellness program will help your employees reduce stress and increase energy and productivity. The Pilates By Dolly Corporate Program enables employers to take a proactive approach to employee health.


Consulting & Training

In addition to the assortment of group and private training certification programs offered, we also offer business consulting for entrepreneurs interested in opening their own Pilates studio. Our staff will consult and direct you through the entire process; from ordering the best equipment and training the staff required to run the facility.


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