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Pilates by Dolly @The Rock Center for Dance 



Founder of D.K. Balancing Method®

DK Body Balancing Methods Senior Master Trainer

DK Pilates Academy Online Educator

Dolly Kelepecz has been a professional dancer for over thirty years.

She is currently full- time faculty member with the U.N.L.V. Dance Department where she teaches both Ballet and Pilates.

The U.N.L.V. Dance Department has included The DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates as part of the curriculum required for dance majors. Dolly has created a Certificate program and a Minor in Pilates for UNLV.  ...more



DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

DK Pilates Academy Online Educator

Canadian born Tamara Vanvranken performed with the State Theater Muenster in Germany, Santa Barbara Ballet Theater and Nevada Dance Theater, dancing lead roles in classical and contemporary works. She has taught ballet at UNLV, Nevada Dance Theater and Backstage Dance Studio where she is currently teaching pointe class after a 13 year hiatus.Tamara was certified in the DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates in June of 2001 and in June of 2013 earned her Master Trainer certificate. 

Galina Geissendoerfer.jpg


DK Body Balancing Methods Trainer

Galina Dorodnova, Geissendoerfer, originally from Moscow, Russia arrived in the fall 1996 to New York as part of the contemporary art show “Nellie Show”. She absorbed the New York’s dance world, studied Modern, Jazz and other contemporary techniques. In New York she was first introduced to the Pilates’ technique, Yoga and Floor-Barre by Zena Rommett. In 1999 Galina was awarded a full scholarship and full-time membership with the New Dance group, a Broadway based modern and classical dance company. She also danced with the Tina Croll Company, Eric Dunlap’s Forward Theatre and participated in the NY Fringe Festival among others.

In 2000 she went back to Moscow for 2 ½ years to teach at her Alma mater the Jazz O.K. School of modern techniques and Jazz. She specialized in teaching kids and young adults, which Jazz O.K. is world renown for. She also started teaching Pilates, studied to become a certified Personal trainer trough the Swedish school Sports Lab at the Moscow Sports University and studied modern dance improvisations techniques in Amsterdam with Anouk van Dijk.

In 2002 she returned back to New York – for Love this time – concentrating on teaching Pilates and to complete the Personal Trainer certification with the International Sports and Science Association. She successfully completed a number of workshops at the Kane school of Core Integration and received her Masters Pilates training at Body Tonic, a school which traces their methodology directly to Joseph Pilates. In her private practice she taught people of all ages, body types and worked with physically impaired people besides teaching at Body Tonic and Bally Total Fitness.

In 2009 She moved to Las Vegas. Here Galina was successfully working for different pilates studio’s. From 2010 she is Pilates instructor for Cirque du Soleil. working for Ka, Mystere, Zumanity.

Yvette Baker.jpg


DK Body Balancing Methods Trainer

Yvette Baker grew up in Birmingham, England and began synchronised swimming at the age of 9. She continued to train and was selected for the Junior Great British Team in 2008 and the following year was selected for the Senior Team, training 50-60 hours a week. She competed at many international competitions including World Championships and the London 2012 Olympic Games. She retired in 2013 after the World Championships in Barcelona. She then performed in Abu Dhabi for 18 months then following that auditioned for the show Le Reve at the Wynn and moved to Las Vegas in 2017. During her time as a full-time athlete and a performer she took Pilates and learned how it helps prevent injury, strengthens the body and also helps in rehabilitation. Now she has started her career as a Pilates teacher, and is really excited to start teaching Pilates at The Rock and help anyone who needs it!



DK Body Balancing Methods Trainer

Amber Neuhauser has been involved with the health and wellness field for over 20 years. She is
a Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. Her work includes Cirque du Soleil (Strength and
Conditioning Coach), Le REVE (Pilates), the Coronado Women’s High School Volleyball team
(Sports Conditioning) and elite athletes. She specializes in athletic movement and corrective
exercise to maximize results from training. Her background includes volleyball, basketball, and
track. She believes there is an athlete in everyone, you just have to discover it.
Amber has earned her bachelor’s degree in business and is currently working on her second
bachelor’s in nursing. Her knowledge of health and fitness go beyond the classroom. Healthy
living is a way of life and “everyone should do Pilates!” The love Amber has for fitness shows in
the energy she brings to work and the individualized care for each client. Let’s create a space
for Healthy, Happy, and Fit!



Director of Pilates by Dolly @The Rock Center for Dance

DK Body Balancing Methods Master Trainer

CEO of DK Body International Inc.

Kae was born & raised in Tokyo, Japan. She was certified by Dolly Kelepecz in 2010. She became the agent of Dolly Kelepecz and promoting DK Methods in Japan and Asia. She has been traveling to Japan for Pilates certification & workshops with Dolly as an agent. In 2020, She founded the DK Pilates Academy and manage the teacher training and continue education for US and Asia. 
She instructs at the Pilates by Dolly studio at the Rock, Kae also works on the Stretch program based on DK Method, which is offered at the Pilates by Dolly at the Rock Studio. 

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