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Pilates Perfection A Showgirls Guide

Pilates Perfection is a full body workout with special emphasis on abdominal strength.​


Pilates : The Basics

Learn the correct Pilates body alignment without complicated choreography and still get a terrific workout. Length 1 hour.


Pilates Volume I : Mat Work

Approx. 30 minutes of complete Mat Exercises, as inspired by Mr. Joseph Pilates.


Pilates Volume II : Ballet Floor Barre

Approx 30 minutes of Ballet Floor Barre as inspired by Mr. Joseph Pilates.


Total Body Pilates:

A Pilates DVD from one of our senior master trainers; 
Kahley Schiller


Pilates Volume III : Basic Equipment

Approx. 30 minutes of Basic Trapeze, Combination Chair and Basic Reformer work as inspired by Mr. Joseph Pilates.


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A full Pilates and Dance choreography combination workout. The video is done in both English and Japanese, both of which are found on the DVD.