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Corporate Wellness

Wellness in the Workplace

Bring Pilates to your worksite, and give your employees the break they deserve! Held on location and/or in Pilates By Dolly studios, this Pilates class instruction enables participants to return to work with a calm, focused energy, improved physical fitness, mental clarity and stress reduction. All classes consist of breathing exercises, warm-up stretches, flowing sequences, and exercises that build strength and stamina.

Pilates By Dolly works with companies of all sizes to create wellness programs for work/life balance initiatives.


Let our dedicated staff of certified corporate instructors create a wellness program specific to your company. Whether you want Pilates By Dolly to teach on sight  Pilates mat or Yoga, Gyrokenises, or Boot camp , or you want your employees to take classes at Pilates By Dolly studios (Pilates equipment classes included), we offer many options for health and wellness activity.  If you are planning a special event, Pilates by Dolly can also put together a special exercise and fitness program to suit your needs. Our Corporate Wellness program will help your employees reduce stress and increase energy and productivity. The Pilates By Dolly Corporate Program enables employers to take a proactive approach to employee health.

The Corporate Packages

On-Site Wellness


The on-site package includes two-hour fitness sessions per day, five days a week. Each session is led by one of our professionaly certified Pilates instructors and includes basic equipment such as mats, small and large balls, resistance bands, etc.

The Voucher Package

$500/10 vouchers

Our voucher package allows employers to offer a fitness and wellness option to their employess without having the on-site classes.


Vouchers can be purchased by the employer to distribute among employees, who may then redeem them in any Pilates By Dolly studio for a free class of their choice.


(Vouchers are sold in 10 bundle increments for $500. If purchased with the on-site Wellness Package 10 voucher bundles may be purchased for $300.)

Personalized On-Site Studio

If you're seraching to offer employees a full-time place to relax, workout and unwind, this is the package for you. Let us know what you are hoping to offer and we will build you your own on-site fitness and wellness studio with large and/or small professional equimpent.


Employers may purchase or rent their own studio equipment based on how long they wish to offer the service to employees.


You provide the space and our team of professionals will do the rest, including; configuration, layout and setup your own on-site studio. 

Companies see:

Reduced medical and disability costs

- Heightened employee productivity 

- Increased employee morale

- Reduced turnover

- Reduced absenteeism

- A competitive edge in hiring

An added bonus: It's a tax writeoff!


Employees see:

Increased energy levels

- Improved body image

- Heightened focus

- Greater happiness and a more positive    



Current and Previous Program Clients:

- Wynn Resorts

- Law Offices of Momot and Zhang

- Sunrise Hospital

- Nevada Ballet Theater

- Houston Ballet

- Kleven and Close Physical Therapy


- Starlight Express (Hilton Hotel Las Vegas)

- Beach Blanket Babylon (Sands Hotel Las


- Lord of the Dance (New York Hotel Las


Get a Package

Contact our team for more information on setting up and creating your own Corporate Wellness Program at your work.

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