DK Pilates Equipment

Certification Course

( Reformer Training, Chair Training, Trapeze Training )

@Las Vegas

2020 Fall Group Course

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9 Day Program

9/11(Fri), 9/12(Sat), 9/13(Sun)

9/25(Fri), 9/26(Fri), 9/27(Sat)

10/2(Fri),  10/3(Sat), 10/4(Sun)

only 2 spots left!!

Teaching by Dolly Kelepecz

The equipment training program focuses on the history of Pilates' theory and technique through the use of all or various Pilates equipment. Students learn equipment work based on Joseph Pilates original series plus an evolution of Pilates equipment work utilizing various pieces of equipment, such as trapeze table, chair and reformer.

Each type of equipment training can be taken on its own to focus on only specific pieces of equipment in group sessions. It can be taken in combination with the mat and equipment training for in-depth Pilates training or continue your Pilates education with full equipment training as part of our instructor bridge program. 

The equipment level 1 & 2 provides the Joseph Pilates original series plus an evolution of Pilates equipment work on Trapeze table, Chair and Reformer. This course also covers the exercises with the Gold Theraband, Stretch Block, Magic Circle and Disk. After completing this comprehensive course, you’ll be able to design and teach Pilates sessions utilizing various pieces of equipment.


Price: $2,200



You are  expected to complete;
-Course Training of 50 hours

-Observation of 200 hours 

-2 projects

-Written tests with 80% scores and above.

*Cost Includes:

1 Book: DK Body Balancing Pilates Trapeze Table Certification Manual 



Prerequisite: Mat Certification

only 2 spots left!!

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