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Dolly Kelepecz


Founder /Sr. Master Trainer /Online Educator

Kahley Schiller


Sr. Master Trainer



Master Trainer / Online Educator /NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher)



Master Trainer / 



Master Trainer



Master Trainer / 



Korea Branch Manager & Korean Senior Master Trainer



Master Trainer /Online Educator

patricia Monreal


Patricia Monreal began training in dance at the age of eight, dancing professionally for a Northwest Ballet Company as well as teaching and competing internationally in Ballroom dancing. Along with her dancing skills Patricia was also a State and Regional A.A.U. swimming gold medalist. In 2001, Particia studied under Julio Horvath, creator of the Gyrotonic® method in the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSYTEM and Gyrokinsis® She has also trained in Gyrotonic® for golfers under P.G.A. tour instructor, David Rasmussen. 


Patricia currently teaches Pilates, using the DK Body Balancing Method, the Gyrotonic® pully tower and new to Las Vegas, the specialized equipment of the Jumping Stretch Board, the Leg Extension Unit and the Archway Gyrokinesis®. She is also currently training athletes back stage of the Las Vegas Wynn’s spectacular review, "Le Reve".   

Patricia believes in a holistic approach of movement for wellbeing and for four years she has headed up the Nevada chapter for National Parkinson’s Association in dance movement and exercising classes for those who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. 



Clarice danced professionally for over 20 years with both Ballet West and as a principal dancer for Nevada Ballet Theatre. She is now the Ballet Mistress for Nevada Ballet Theatre and also teaches Pilates for DK Body Balancing. She was certified in the DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates in 1993 and has taught classes in physical therapy clinics, sports facilities, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Alison bio photo.jpg


Hi! My name is Alison Marsh, a Pilates teacher and educator in Las Vegas, NV specializing in pre and postnatal health and wellness. I have 5 children - 2 step children, 2 adopted children, and 1 biological child. 


I graduated from the DK Body Balancing Method comprehensive certification program in 2001, and from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelors in Dance Education in 2003, and Bachelor of Social Work in 2005.


Today, I am dedicated to training and supporting Pilates teachers in confidently and competently teaching pre and postnatal women, with an emphasis on everyday (functional movement) education, and applying the latest research on perinatal health and wellness, including the study of fascia training, and how it affects the perinatal body. 


Another area of focus is encouraging the development of a positive body image and overall well-being of pre and postnatal women through compassionate, uplifting teaching with awareness of demeanor and language.  


It is so important that we, as teachers, have a healthy relationship with ourselves, so that we can be the best teachers for our students. 


I am grateful for Dolly's guidance and encouragement in choosing Pilates as a profession, and for encouraging me to begin creating programs for the pre and postnatal population. 

You can learn more about me and my programs at 



Patsy grew up in Poznan, Poland where she began studying dance at the age of six. Her formal ballet studies began at the age ten at the Polish Ballet Academy with a complex curriculum including nine years of training focusing on the Agrippina Vaganova Ballet Method as well as International Folkloric and European Historical Styles. She performed in the prestigious Grand Theater Opera of Poznan, Polish Dance Theater, as well as other notable Polish dance groups. After years of touring throughout Europe, she moved to Spain where she performed on the stages of La Scala Madrid, the Palladium Casino Mallorca and Son Amar as well as freelance work in other dance productions. Moving to the United States, Patsy joined the cast of Jubilee and shortly thereafter became a Captain and then a Principal Dancer. Since retiring from Jubilee, she wants to use that same passion for dance and movement in teaching both Pilates and Dance. She was certified in 2013 in DK Body Balancing Method and in Ballet Pilates Body Conditioning For Dance and has been teaching at the studio of Pilates by Dolly ever since. Patsy also teaches at the Pamela Ann School of Dance where she will be implementing Ballet Pilates techniques with her young students. Her goal is to help her Pilates clients and dance students to achieve the goals of strengthening their bodies by developing a strong mind/body connection which would lead to improvements in their overall well being. She is excited to be part of the illustrious team at Pilates by Dolly!



Scott was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and no matter where she is, that is home. She began dancing and performing at an early age and loved classical ballet. She was able to take classes with some ballet greats like Fredrick Franklin and Alexander Minz. Scott graduated from Loyola University (N.O.) with a double major degree in Drama/Dance and Communications. She has performed in several equity shows such as Gypsy and South Pacific.


Scott moved to Las Vegas in 1984 and joined the cast of The Lido de Paris Show at The Stardust Hotel.  She wanted to continue her theater but no equity theaters are in Las Vegas. Instead she performed at conventions and did print work. She appeared in several televison shows, local and national commercials. She is a member of SAG/AFTRA. Scott is married and has three beautiful young adult children that still keep her busy.  


In 2010 having known and danced with Dolly, Scott decided to become certified in Pilates and took her DK Body Balancing Method.  She also recently certified as an instructor in GYROTONIC®.  She is certified in the pulley tower and hopes to certifiy in more equipment as well as GYROKINESIS®.  She loves teaching and continues to learn in order to offer the best to her clients.




Sr. Master Trainer

Kahley Schiller is owner of Pilates By Kahley in Kansas City and is a master trainer for DK Body Balancing.




Canadian born Tamara VanVranken performed with the State Theater Muenster in Germany, Santa Barbara Ballet Theater and Nevada Dance Theater, dancing lead roles in classical and comtemporary works. She has taught ballet at UNLV, Nevada Dance Theater and Backstage Dance Studio where she is currently teaching pointe class after a 13 year hiatus.

Tamara was certified in the DK Body Balancing Method of Pilates in June of 2001 and in June of 2013 earned her Master Trainer certificate. Over the last two years of her master training,

Tamara helped develop the exercise portion of the Master Trainer Manual and shadowing Dolly during certification in Japan in October 2012.



A Master trainer for the DK Body Balancing method.
She’s been assisting and running the DK Pilates certification programs since 2012.
Sayaka was trained in both Japan and the United States. She is also a NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist.

i Photo.jpg


DK Body Balancing Methods Master trainer

CEO of DK Body International Inc.

Kae was born & raised in Tokyo, Japan. She was certified by Dolly Kelepecz in 2010. She became the manager for the far east division of the company, promoting DK Methods in Japan & Asia. After her pregnancy experience, Kae & Alison created the Pregnancy Pilates Program.

She instructs at the Serene studio & travels to Japan for Pilates certification & workshops with Dolly. Kae also works on the inner unit program based on DK Methods & Pelvic Floor, which will be introduced in 2016.

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Korea Branch Manager & Korean Senior Master Trainer

Soomin is from The Republic of Korea. She majored in Ballet at Korea National Sports University. Soomin met Dolly in 2006 during a joint performance between UNLV & KNSU. 

After graduation, she went back to the US to obtain a certification for Pilates by Dolly and also took all the internships in Las Vegas.

Her passion for Pilates led her to UNLV agin, to become a Master Trainer in 2013.  Soomin represents Tanz Pilates Studio. 



Sr. Master Trainer
After years of playing competitive sports including volleyball, tennis and golf, Sheri found herself suffering from chronic knee and back pain. Her Physical Therapist suggested a month of Pilates to aid in rehabilitation and prevention of future injury. The month evolved into a year and before long, she was certified to teach Pilates through the DK Body Balancing Method. Nearly a decade later, she is the proprietor of Fokus Pilates Studio in Orange County, California. Sheri still finds herself thrilled at instructing a method of movements that she feels not only enriches her life and physical well-being but yields impressive results in people of all ages and physical condition.




Sr. Master Trainer
Ann grew up n New Orleans with a passion for the art of dance, which led to a 21-year profession as an international ballet dancer. After incurring a knee injury, Ann turned to Pilates with Dolly Kelepecz for recovery. Inspired by the impact that Pilates class not only had on her rehabilitating knee injury but her whole body, she committed herself to becoming a DK Body Balancing certified Pilates instructor. Since then, and after retiring from dance in 1998, she has continued to develop Pilates education through Polestar Pilates Education, Pilates By Dolly courses, Therapilates Osteoporosis courses and Pilates for Golf. Ann is the owner of The Pilates Studio in Austin, Texas and continues to host DK Body Balancing Method Pilates Mat and Mat and Equipment Certifications at her studio.


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