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Anatomy in Clay Workshop

Pilates by Dolly's Anatomy in Clay workshop gives participants further education in the anatomical makeup of muscle origin and function. Participants will work with Atomokin Skeletons to recreate and understand the major muscle groups used in Pilates and overall muscle building.


Muscle group regions highlighted in this course include: spine and pelvic, upper extremity and lower extremity.


In addition to general muscle knowledge and awareness, muscle groups are broken down to understand those involved in understanding and correcting postural dysfunctions. Specific postural dysfunctions which are addressed include the following.


- Spine and Pelvic Dysfunctions: anterior and posterior tilt, Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis.

- Pelvic Dysfunctions: Sciatica -- Impingement Syndrome, S.I. Joint Instability and Piriformis Syndrome.

- Upper Extremity Dysfunctions: Shoulder -- Impingement Syndrome, Labrum Tear and Dislocation.

- Lower Extremity Dysfunctions: Knee -- Tracking, Genu Varum, Genu Recurvatum and Genu Valgum.

  • One Day  $250
  • Two Days $350

The purpose of this workshop is to use clay as a tool for understanding placement and building muscle groups to fully understand the function of each group and further increase knowledge in Kinesiology, and thus be better equipped to instruct in Pilates, physical therapy, chiropractics, athletic training. 


Each day's course is limited to the first 8 people to sign up.



To receive more information on the workshop contact

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