DK Pilates Founder : Dolly Kelepecz

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The mat training course focuses on the history of Pilates' theory and technique through mat work. The Mat course can be taken on its own or in addition to the studio course portion of the training, which includes training in pilates exercise with Pilates equipment, such as the Trapeze Table, Chair and Reformer.  Read More...

Pilates ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mat & Equipment 2&3

​Instructor Training​ Course

The mat and equipment training program is an all inclusive course that focuses on theory and technique through mat work utilizing various props and exercise on the various pieces of Pilates equipment.   Read More...


The equipment training program focuses on the use of the various Pilates equipment, such as trapeze table, chair and reformer. The equipment course can be taken on its own or in addition to the mat portion of the training or can be broken up to focus on only specific pieces of equipment in private sessions, if desired.  Read More...​​​​​​​​​​

The DK Body Balancing Level 3 training is  an extension of the levels I & II mat and equipment training. It is advanced level of theory and technique with an emphasis on Pilates Postural Analysis Rehabilitation techniques.  Read More...


​​​​​​​​​Level 3

Instructor Training​ Course

The DK Body Balancing Bridge Program is designed to review and recognize existing training of students who wish to further their education and knowledge. Each student that applies and is accepted into our bridge program will be evaluated and offered a course of study.   Read More...​